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Hedi Slimane Back to LVMH ?

Hedi Slimane has renewed talks with LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault about the launch of a Hedi Slimane fashion house, WWD reports

Sources describe the recent talks as serious, pointing to the designers excellent relations with the luxury giant.

Slimane said he walked away from Dior “freely” after failing to reach an agreement about a Dior-backed Hedi Slimane house. Ownership of the Slimane brand name and control rights were said to be among the contentious issues during the initial talks.

But Slimane left the door open to reconciliation, posting a letter on his Web site shortly after exiting Dior Homme thanking Arnault for trusting him with the project. “I hope he will understand my position and decision, if not now, then hopefully with some time,” Slimane wrote.

Arnault is said to want to lure Slimane back into his stable of fashion stars, prizing the 39-year-old’s design prowess and wide-screen brand vision.

Twins separated at birth married in Britain

A twin brother and sister who were separated at birth and later married each other without knowing they were siblings have had their marriage ended. The British courts decided the marriage was invalid because of their strong blood relationship. This tragic and unfortunate case happened because the pair were adopted by different sets of parents and their birth certificates did not identify their biological parents. Britain’s Lord Alton immediately used the story to push for a law that allows children conceived via donor insemination to be told about the method of their conception. It is not thought, however, that the British brother and sister were conceived through a donor. Their identities and details of their relationship and marriage, including how long they were married, have been kept secret.

Lord Alton is pressing for a change in the law to make more information about parents available on birth certificates. He says people also have a right to know how they were conceived: “The state is colluding in a deception. We are opening the door to more cases like this one. One of the most fundamental things of all is to know who you are. The issue here is about human rights. A birth certificate that omits any mention of your true origin falsifies your history in a very significant way,” he said. He lamented the situation of the brother and sister whose marriage ended in such sadness, saying: “[They] met later in life and felt an inevitable attraction, and the judge had to deal with the consequences of the marriage that they entered into and all the issues of their separation.”

Darwin Awards winners

An alcoholic who died after giving himself a sherry enema has won the 2007 Darwin Award.

The Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve the gene pool by accidentally removing themselves from it.

The 58-year-old Texan couldn’t ingest alcohol by mouth because of painful medical problems with his throat.

He took to taking alcohol by enema instead but died after taking two 1.5 litre bottles of sherry.

First runners-up, and Double Darwin winners, were a young South Carolina couple, both 21, found naked and dead in the road in the early hours.

Police were initially baffled, until they found two sets of neatly folded clothes on top of a nearby building with a pyramid-shaped roof.

Other runners-up included:

An East German man who electrocuted himself when he tried to get rid of moles by pounding metal rods into the ground and connecting them to a high-voltage power line.

A West Virginia man who was crushed while dismantling a rundown barn. He fired up his chainsaw and ripped through a crucial support post, bringing down the whole structure on himself.

An Illinois man who won a game of chicken to see who could stay on a railway line the longest in the path of an oncoming train.

And a 29-year-old computer tutor who was killed in California while driving and working on his laptop at the same time. He was killed by oncoming traffic.

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Yasmin Levy

Born in Jerusalem in 1975, Yasmin Levy was introduced to Ladino singing and culture from a very young age. Her father was the leading figure in the world of research into and preservation of the Judeo-Spanish culture, dating back to the 15th century in Spain. Today, it remains one of the most moving and romantic musical traditions of all times.

In her deep, spiritual and moving style of singing, Yasmin preserves and revives the most beautiful songs from the Ladino/Judeo-Spanish heritage, mixing it with
Andalucian Flamenco.

Yasmin’s debut album “Romance & Yasmin” created a stir amongst world music lovers across the globe. Her more recent album “La Juderia”, featuring Ladino and Flamenco music in her unique emotive style confirmed her status as one of the most promising new artists on the World Music scene.

During 2006, Yasmin appeared widely touring in countries as diverse as the UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium and Latvia .In 2004, she performed at various international festivals and events including WOMAD Singapore, Forum Barcelona, and the BBC’s New Year’s Day concert in London. In 2005 she toured the UK, Europe and the USA, including appearances at London’s Ronnie Scott’s and WOMAD festivals in the UK and Spain. In November 2005 she appeared in the most important music TV show in the UK “Later with Jools Holland” and in December closed the year with her debut performance at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Her new album, ‘Mano Suave’, is released in October 2007.

Yasmin has been nominated for the BBC World Music Awards in each of the past 3 years.

Steve’s present of the day : The MacBook Air

It’s the thinest notebook on the market. It’s a very slick and compact notebook.

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La belle Veronica Belmont from Mahalo wraps-up the Steve Jobs 90 minute keynote into just 60 seconds.

Ready? Go!

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