Aaron Live On TV (U-Turn)

AaRON is two songwriters who may have come straight out of the strange reality of a Lynch or Basquiat film: Simon Buret (singer/author/composer) and Olivier Coursier (composer/arranger).
AaRON’s story is sprinkled with incredible doubts but it also evokes luminous hidden beauties, ephemeral suns and moons.

“Our music is a reflection of the parallel universe that exists within each of us. A place where the child within escapes to heal wounds inflicted by the outside world.” Simon speaks simply and honestly and in his lyrics he goes for the essential, the subterranean feelings, tales that reveal the mystery enveloped in the ordinary things of life, the unspoken.

AaRON has its genesis in one of life’s lucky encounters where the fates decide that these two artists have something to say. Olivier defines their artistic relationship saying: “We complete each other, a real balance exists and we have enormous respect for each others work.

Their story begins in 2004. A mutual friend invited Simon to stop by and see Olivier who was working in his home studio on several projects. Simon, whose father is American, was to bring some lyrics in English. That fateful encounter was sealed by the name AaRON and a first track , “Endless Song”. In 2 months, 8 new songs were completed.

Interrupted by different commitments, a film for Simon (also an actor) and many concerts for Olivier, their meetings became less frequent. Despite this , in the first year they had written & produced 20 songs in Olivier’s home studio. Writing songs for Simon is the very essence of his art, an obsession, a primal need. Something that is quite rare is the author’s admission that, his lyrics are auto-biographical : love, the fantasy of it, even betrayed and unrequited. Themes that lead us down roads that deal with deception as well as superficial highs – always with no frills. Amongst these themes is a cover of “Strange Fruit”, made famous by Billy Holiday, that depicts the mass lynching in the United States deep south in the 30’s/40’s.

“U-Turn (Lili), the first single from the album “Artificial Animals Riding on Neverland” (to be released January 29th, 2007) is the main theme of Philippe Lioret film “Je vais bien, ne t’en fais pas” (‘I’ll be fine, don’t worry”), which depicts the loss of a twin brother. Olivier and Simon had just put the finishing touches on “U-Turn (Lili) and they send it to the director Philippe Lioret. He decides not only to use the song as a representation of the absent brother in the film but he also decides to re-name the main character “Lili” after the song.

This low- key movie has notched up a surprise 1 million ticket sales and the song “U-Turn (Lili) has proved an incredible success on the internet. In 2 months there have been 105,000 connections on http://www.myspace.com/aaronrecordings), 100,000 streaming videos on YouTube and n° 1 on I-Tunes France for 4 weeks , just through word of mouth .

AaRON’s music takes us through the labyrinth of our lives, a detour in memories , bringing life through the eyes childhood, giving the light that is needed for all vision, “Don’t care what people say, I’m dreamin’ louder every day”.

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